Acting Head of School: Mrs R. Stockham

Friars Close

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Kye (11RB) for his enthusiasm and confidence in cooking lessons.

He is a talented chef in the making.

Charlie (9TU) for amazing handwriting, for taking his time and really trying hard.

Noah (Post 16) for fantastic work during the Rowvember competition,

showing resilience throughout his row

Travis and Natalie (KS3)- 525m for Rowvember (Travis) and 452m (Natalie).

Gabby and Heidi (KS4)-  838m for Rowvember (Gabby) and 682m (Heidi).

Cordell (10EJ) for taking it upon himself to help another pupil during Art lunchtime club.

He was kind, supportive and encouraging- it was wonderful to watch.