Friars Academy - 2022-79 (2)

Student Council

At Friars Academy, we recognise the importance of giving our students the opportunity to play an active part in the development of our Academy. Students are encouraged to put themselves forward as candidates before the whole school is given the opportunity to vote on Election Day! In this, we recognise and reflect on the British value of democracy and give our students an experience that they are likely to take part in once they are 18 and start voting for future governments. 

As part of the Student Council, representatives will take on the responsibility of a wide range of areas of school life including Eco School, Anti-Bullying and areas linked to our Academy priorities. 

We envisage our Student Council being at the centre of everything we do at Friars Academy. From school tours to working with other students across the school to gather their views, our Student Council will be a vital cog in the daily life of Friars Academy. Keep your eyes peeled for news, views, photographs and videos as the year goes on. 

Senior Student Ambassadors

In order to mark the extra special work of students who have consistently gone above and beyond expectations, we have created the Senior Student Ambassadors.  

The Senior Student Ambassadors are awarded a golden tie (similar in design to the traditional Friars Academy tie) which they are able to wear during the school day and at any other function they are supporting.