Friars Academy - 2022-79 (2)

Our Values are extremely important to everyone at Friars Academy. Our Student Council chose what our Academy Values would be by discussing what they felt the priorities were in their day-to-day school and future lives. The students felt that if we stick to the five simple principles that are set out above, our Academy would continue to be a positive, progressive and productive environment.  

Our values are referred to regularly in lessons and assemblies. They are also emblazoned across the walls in our Library! A Values Theme Week will be taking place in November! 

Restorative Approaches

We are a Restorative Approaches school.  This means we create a restorative culture where both individuals and the school community can thrive.  For more information about our Restorative Approaches, please see the document below.

Restorative Approaches

Protective Behaviours and Thrive

We are aware that navigating adolescence can be challenging. Our aim is to support our student's development through providing them with access to our Protective Behaviours and Thrive Programmes, which aims to support the development of personal safety skills, approaches to self-empowerment, self-esteem, improved emotional resilience, and better access to engagement in learning.  For more information, please see the documents below.