Parents and carers play a crucial role in supporting their child's learning and development. As a school, we recognise the importance of involving parents and carers throughout this process, and keeping the lines of communication open.

My name is Jo Rutter and I am the Family Support Worker at Friars Academy. I am the voice at the end of the phone; should you have a worry or concern I always welcome your input and will try to answer your questions. If I don’t have an immediate answer I will endeavour to find out and get back to you.

In my role at Friars Academy I have helped parents and carers to complete forms - PIP, Transport, EHCP, DLA and others. I have signposted clubs in the locality, helped parents during Transition to Post 16 options and, of course, have been present in all Annual Reviews.

Contact with home truly is paramount to our youngsters' progress and well- being – it helps their school days to run smoothly. Please share any concern, big or little, so that we can clear up any issues before they escalate and so that we can ensure the best outcomes for your child.


Mrs Rutter

Family Support Worker