Friars Academy - 2022-47 (2)

Partnership Projects

Forging partnerships and building relationships with colleagues in industry and education/outside of Friars Academy are vital to the progress of our school. Not only does a partnership increase capacity and legitimise our journey, it provides new links with colleagues to learn new strategies and open up new opportunities for our students that we did not think were possible before.

Why it is important for Friars students – Impact on the students

  • In a constantly changing world, it is essential that our students carve out a life in the world of work. Our partnership projects have been created to provide a clear link between school and the world of work; to provide as many opportunities as possible for our students to get out into the real world and experience the benefits of meeting and working with new people whilst having the security of school around them.

The purpose

  • To provide a series of experiences for targeted cohorts of students that support them in the development of their life’s toolkit; meeting and working alongside adults in a particular field; traveling to and from a place of work for a specified period of time; developing a role within a company; maintaining professional relationships with colleagues; understanding what it takes to survive a working environment that is different from the security of a classroom.
  • To support local companies in the development of their understanding of SEN; to dismantle the stigma of SEN and the role SEN students can play in their organisations.

Our Partners