• Welcome to Friars Academy

    At Friars Academy, we aim to work in partnership with parents, carers and the community to develop confident, responsible, happy, independent, creative and successful young people.

    We want our children to grow in confidence and develop a sense of self-discipline and self-esteem within a secure and stimulating environment; where there is respect for each other, for the school, for the local community and for the world in which we live.

    Children are encouraged to think for themselves and take responsibility for their work and behaviour.  They are given opportunities to work collaboratively and co-operatively with others; to organise, enjoy success, learn from their mistakes and to relish challenges and risks.

  • Upcoming Events

    • February 24, 2020Academy Reopens to All
    • April 3, 2020Academy Closes
    • April 20, 2020Staff Training Day
    • April 21, 2020Academy Reopens to Students
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Friars Facts

We are proud of our Academy, and here are some facts about us that you may not know:

  • 72

    Dedicated Staff

  • 149

    Exceptional Students

  • 100%

    Achievement For All

  • 100%

    Sporting Endeavours