Friars Academy - 2022-55

Faculty Leader: Mrs A. Williams

Pupils have access to one Computing lesson each week in the Computer suite which is equipped with thirteen computers and an interactive Smart board. Pupils are given their own login to access the network and are provided with their own email accounts. They are encouraged to be responsible users of the network and the equipment throughout the Academy as each classroom has two networked computers and an interactive Smartboard.

ICT is used in every curriculum subject throughout the Academy. Should teachers wish to use ICT as part of their lessons, whether for research, creating documents or accessing educational applications, we have year group sets of laptops which can be booked and used by individual classes for use across the curriculum. We are also fortunate to have a well-equipped sensory room which can be used throughout all curriculum areas to help bring topics alive and give pupils a memorable experience, helping to engage them in their learning.

Pupils receive feedback within lessons from both their fellow pupils and staff so they are aware of the levels they are working at and how to improve their work.


Computing is divided into 3 strands: Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Computer Science. All year groups cover these three strands throughout the year to provide a broad and balanced Computing curriculum.

Key Stage 3 Topics

Key Stage 4