Friars Academy - 2022-42

Faculty Leader: Miss L. Dorrian

Art and Design lessons at Friars endeavour to provide pupils with the opportunity to explore, create and experiment in a developmental, yet relaxed, environment.

Pupils attend the well-resourced Art rooms for one lesson per week although the Art leader, Mrs T. Underwood, supports staff across the school so that art activities can be regularly accessed throughout the curriculum as well.

We are always interested in making pupils aware of where our ideas for pieces of art might come from and learning about the history of art and artists in a fun way. Pupils are continually encouraged to communicate their feelings about their own artwork and that of others in a positive, productive and informative manner.

Key Stage 3 Topics:

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 pupils have the opportunity to undertake an accredited course in Art. This will normally include individual projects that follow a theme where pupils can choose how to create their pieces of art, building on techniques learnt in Key Stage 3.