Head of School: Mr D. Gay
Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs R. Stockham

Friars Close

Tel: 01933 304950
Fax: 01933 304951

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Kindness. Molly is amazing! She works hard in all her lessons, often going above and beyond. She does additional self-motivated work to improve her learning and is really pushing herself to do well. In fact, getting her to stop writing in her English lesson is a challengeShe is kind and supportive to others. She looks out for others and will speak up for people who don’t speak up for themselves. She is pushing herself more and more out of her comfort zone, trying things she would never have tried before. She is always helpful and just gets on with what she needs to do. Oh, and we are slowly losing her behind the pile of books that is on her desk! Keep it up Molly, you superstar!