E Safety

For many young people today, technology plays a large part in day-to-day life and is being used all the time for both educational and recreational purposes. It offers some fantastic opportunities, but it does also bring risks.

At Friars Academy, our aim is to ensure that we protect and educate pupils and staff in their use of technology and have appropriate systems in place to intervene and support any incident where appropriate.

As a result, we enable our pupils to develop their understanding of how to stay safe online and of the dangers of the inappropriate use of mobile technology and social networking sites. We teach them to understand how to deal with difficult situations, including online bullying and help them to identify warning signs and know the actions to take.

At Friars Academy, we do all that we can to ensure the online safety of our pupils but of course, the same principles apply at home. The links below can be used to educate both yourself and your child further about online safety, how to prevent risks and what to do if there is an online safety incident involving your child:


Internet Matters


Safer Internet



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