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At Friars we discover the fun in being an historian. This means we become a bit like detectives – using evidence to find out what happened and why. This is not an easy job. We must be able to recognise evidence, decide how useful it is and come to conclusions based on what we have found out.

We do this in lots of ways: by using historical sources; by inviting historians into school; by touching real artefacts; by using the internet to research our topics and by accessing theatre groups to develop our knowledge and understanding. Mostly we learn that history can be fun!

Key Stage 3 Topics

Key Stage 4

Experiential Learning

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including:

  • Archery (Medieval Realms)
  • Making Morrison shelters (WW2)
  • Skipping, Hit the Hoop, Puppet making and show (Victorian toys)
  • Making a WW2 ration cake (WW2)
  • Dressing up in period clothes (all topics)
  • Sewing an orange: (Medicine Through Time: Surgery)
  • Ultra violet light investigation (Medicine Through Time: Work of Robert Koch)
  • Indian trail (Indigenous people of North America)
  • Relief Map of Triangular Route of Trade (Slavery)
  • Making Roman Pots/Shoes/Togas/Headwear (The Romans)
  • Making Slave Ships (Slavery)
  • Theatre Visit: Horrible Histories 3D (WW1)- Where possible
  • Visit to Delapre Abbey (Tudors)
  • Visit to Snibston Discovery Park: Transport Through Time (Britain 1750-1900)
  • Visit to Rockingham Castle (Castles and Cathedrals)
  • Evolution of Wellingborough (Wellingborough Museum)