Pupils at Friars enjoy school, the result being that we have good attendance.  Attendance is rewarded at the end of each of the six terms with certificates for any pupil achieving 100% attendance for that term.

Those pupils who do achieve 100% attendance then have their name ‘put in a hat’ for the chance to win a voucher, ten names are drawn out in assembly six times a year. Pupils who achieve 100% attendance for the whole year receive a special end of year certificate with the opportunity for receiving further rewards in the end of year assembly.

Those pupils whose attendance is 98% or above is also celebrated. At Friars we actively discourage families not to take holidays during term time as this has a significant detrimental impact upon pupils learning.

Attendance for 2015 – 16

Actual = 94.4%
Boys = 94.9%
Girls = 93.4%
Pupil Premium = 94.4%

Attendance for 2016 – 17

Actual 93.8%
Boys 93.8%
Girls 93.8%
Pupil Premium – 93.1%

Attendance for 2017 – 18

Actual 93.9%
Girls 94.8%
Boys 93.5%
Pupil Premium – 93.4%